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Experiencing breast problems can be scary. As a Doctor and Breast Specialist Surgeon, I understand just how nerve-wracking a breast scare can be, leaving you feeling anxious, stressed or frustrated.

It can be tempting to ignore symptoms and pretend everything is fine but if it is breast cancer, getting a quick diagnosis really can make all the difference.

My One-Stop Breast Clinic provides you with a thorough examination and complete investigation into your symptoms, all in one day. You’ll leave the clinic with the cause of your symptoms explained and either your mind put at ease or a treatment plan in place.

Common Breast Symptoms

That I Can Help With Include:

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My One-Stop Breast Clinic makes getting your breast problem assessed quick and easy. Giving you a thorough investigation and the answers you need in just a single appointment.

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We start with a private consultation in which I’ll listen to your worries and ask you some questions about your symptoms. You can share your concerns with me and get the answer to any questions you might have about further investigations or your symptoms.

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2. Physical Examination

Next, I’ll complete a physical examination of your breasts. This examination is usually painless and you’ll be treated with the utmost dignity and respect throughout.

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3. Further Investigations

If, following the consultation and examination, I think there is a need for further investigations we’ll do that immediately. One of the huge benefits of a One-Stop Breast Clinic is that you can get all your tests completed that very same day. The type of investigations required will depend on your symptoms, but mammograms and ultrasounds are most common, with needle biopsy available when necessary too.

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4. Results & Next Steps

Once your scans have been completed, I’ll review them and discuss the results with you before you leave the clinic. If further treatment is needed then I’ll discuss all the options with you, ensuring you feel fully informed and supported every step of your diagnosis.

Compassionate Consultation & Advice You Can Trust

As a Doctor and Breast Specialist Surgeon with over 10 years of experience, I understand the fear and uncertainty that comes with a breast scare. I’ll listen to you, hear your concerns and treat you with complete dignity and respect, while we investigate your symptoms and get you the answers you need.

If you’re experiencing breast symptoms don’t delay – Book an appointment today to get a rapid diagnosis.

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