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S1 Ep9: How can I move forward after a breast cancer diagnosis? – Sally Shanley

Being told you have breast cancer is devastating. Moving forward after a breast cancer diagnosis can also be very hard. This is where a breast care nurse specialist can be an amazing human to have in your life. 

In today’s episode, I talk to Sally Shanley, a breast care nurse with over 20 years of experience. We talk about why it is important for those affected by breast cancer to have someone advocate for them. We also discuss the different strategies that can help someone come to terms with a diagnosis. Towards the end of the conversation, Sally also gives some practical advice on how to move forward.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

The charity Breast Cancer Now that is a UK based charity. They undertake research and provide help and guidance to those affected by breast cancer.

If you are struggling to move forward after a primary breast cancer diagnosis, you may want to explore the Moving Forward Course. This is a UK based course that aims to help people adapt to life after a breast cancer diagnosis who have finished treatment.

In the UK and around the world there are many people who have had a breast cancer diagnosis, enjoying paddling in dragon boats. If you fancy a try then look up BCP (breast cancer paddlers) to find a local Dragon Boat club near you!

Another great charity is Macmillan where you can find all sorts of useful and practical information about breast cancer, but you can look up any other type of cancer.

If you enjoyed this episode and want to listen to others talking about cancer, then check out my conversation with Helena Traill and Sarah Liyanage.

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