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S3 Ep41 – Post-Surgery Exercise Essentials: Strength Training and Motivation for Breast Cancer Recovery – Sarah Newman

In this episode of “My Breast, My Health,” I am joined by Sarah Newman, founder of Get Me Back.

Sarah Newman is a Cancer & Exercise specialist and Breast Cancer Rehab Coach.

In 2018, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer during her pregnancy, which came as a shock. Despite the challenges, Sarah remained determined to stay fit and maintain control of her health.

Today, Sarah is an advocate for cancer awareness and an inspiration to many for her strength and resilience. She founded her company Get Me Back to offer specialist fitness training for women affected by cancer. Experiencing first-hand the benefits exercise had on her own recovery, she wanted to create an accessible place where women could feel safe exercising following their diagnosis. She aims to provide clear and specialist advice for those in need, offering a positive place to share experiences, regain body confidence and strength.

What you will learn from this episode:

– The benefits of exercise

– Exercise post-surgery

– Timelines for clearance to exercise after surgery

– Importance of gradual progression in strength training to prevent lymphedema

– Strategies for maintaining motivation for exercise

– Benefits of strength training for cancer survivors

– Increasing muscle mass, strengthening bones and joints

– Correcting postural imbalances and strengthening the upper back and core

And so much more.

You will discover Sarah’s personal journey from cancer diagnosis to becoming a cancer rehabilitation trainer and the launch of an online community for women’s fitness. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking guidance on exercise after

breast cancer treatment and a deeper understanding of the role of fitness in post-surgery recovery.

Connect with Sarah on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube @getmebackuk website: www.getmeback.uk email: sarah@getmeback.uk

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