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S3 Ep42: Breast Cancer Recurrence: Signs, Symptoms, and Self-Examination

In today’s podcast I discuss the topic of breast cancer recurrence.

I covered how to detect local, regional, and distant recurrences, as well as the signs and symptoms to look out for. I also emphasized the importance of self-examination and regular scans for early detection.

Key takeaways from this episode:

1. Regular Self-Examinations: It’s vital for individuals who have undergone breast cancer treatment to consistently perform self-examinations to detect any potential local recurrence.

2. Importance of Scans: Mammograms and ultrasound scans play a role in monitoring for breast cancer recurrences, as they can reveal changes that may not be obvious through self-examinations alone. Regular screenings are recommended for at least 5 years following a cancer diagnosis.

3. Recognition of Red Flag Symptoms: Understanding the potential symptoms of distant recurrence, such as bone pain, abdominal discomfort, breathing difficulties, and neurological symptoms, can aid in early detection and prompt medical attention, leading to better outcomes.

I hope this was a helpful episode.

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